Culvert Headwalls and Outlets

Headwalls provide much needed protection to drainage pipes and outlets discharging water into rivers, swales, ponds and ditches. A suitable headwall will protect the area surrounding the culvert from erosion whilst retaining the embankment. As a result this increases the efficiency and longevity of the culvert.

Rootlok headwalls offer an effective green alternative to pre-cast concrete and other in-situ headwall structures. The system protects pipework as well as providing erosion control and stabilisation to the embankment surrounding it. Rootlok headwalls are adaptable to different types of pipe builds. It is effective as a standard headwall, winged and angled headwalls. The system can also incorporate other materials to provide scour protection such as gabion mattresses and rip rap.

Rootlok offers many of the advantages of a hard engineered system yet also allows a vegetated natural finish to be achieved that blends with the local landscape. The system is fast and easy to install and doesn't require any large equipment. We can design headwalls to suit each individual application, get in touch to discuss using Rootlok for your schemes.