Gravity Walls


The Rootlok Vegetated Wall System can be used to build standard gravity walls in small applications up to 2.1m high. The Rootlok system applies standard soil stabilisation practices and engineering methods and can be built at near vertical angles. The systems simple design creates a ‘segmented’ wall face that easily integrates vegetation into the systems performance.


The system can be used in many applications using the gravity wall build:

  • Erosion control
  • River and flood protection
  • Landscaping
  • Headwalls

Rootlok has been used very successfully within river applications. The system allows moisture to filter through it, making it an ideal solution for wet locations.


Rootlok is also an ideal solution to provide erosion control to headwalls. The system creates a natural green finish that is sustainable, helping pipe outlets and inlets to blend more with the local landscape. The system is fast and easy to install and does not require any large equipment. A headwall can easily be installed by two people using nothing but hand tools.


We utilise two build methods for small walls depending on the required height. Consideration should be paid to the foundation, loadings, soils, drainage, vegetation and maintenance when designing your Rootlok wall.

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For more details on using the Rootlok system to build small walls take a look at our Information Centre, alternatively get in touch to discuss your requirements.