Landscaping and Garden Design

Rootlok offers a soft green solution, this makes it ideal for use in landscaping and garden design.

It  provides landscape architects, consultants, garden designers, contractors and homeowners with a solution for designing and installing sustainable structures. Retaining walls and structures can be built with an aesthetically pleasing finish, unlike other hard engineered systems available such as concrete and gabions.

The simplicity of Rootlok means it can be used easily by anyone. Homeowners looking to add to their gardens along with landscapers designing a green retaining wall solution. The flexibility of the system allows structures to be built in any shape and angle requiring the use of only small hand tools. It’s ‘segmented’ design also allows the system to easily integrate a variety of grasses and plants.

For more details on using Rootlok as part of your landscaping and gardening projects, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.