Our recent projects

Rootlok Vegetated Wall System is an ideal green alternative for retaining walls, river restoration, slope stabilisation and erosion control. It can be used in numerous applications for gravity walls, retaining walls, river and flood protection, erosion control and landscaping among others.

Take a look at our recent projects below:

Kenilworth Channel Winter 2020

Storm Drainage Channel Restoration, Kenilworth

GeoGrow were employed by a housing developer to design and install a solution in order to reinstate a failing storm drainage channel.

Rootlok Stream Bank, Montesole Park

Strengthening Flood Defences in Pinner

Harrow Council have used the Rootlok Vegetated Wall system to strengthen flood defences and a narrow watercourse in Montesole Park, Pinner.

Warm Brook Rootlok Wall River Bank 2

Warm Brook River Bank Repairs

High Peak Borough Council have used the Rootlok System to repair river banks iand restore them to their original stable condition.

Bishops Sutton Outfall Project

Concrete wall replacement in Bishops Sutton

The Environment Agency has used Rootlok to replace a concrete wall at Bishops Sutton, installing a green vegetated wall solution.

Rootlok Vegetated Retaining Wall

Erosion control and slope protection in Knowsley

Rootlok was recently installed as an environmentally friendly alternative to a gabion wall system for retaining walls

Firs Farm Headwall, Rootlok Vegetated Wall System 2

Headwall Construction in Firs Farm Wetlands

Enfield Council have used Rootlok to construct a new headwall, providing erosion and flood protection to a large pipe outlet.

Vegetated Footpath Retaining Wall

Footway Provision, A470 Cwmbach Bridleway

Powys County Council have used Rootlok to construct a retaining wall and provide protection to a new footway.

Rootlok slope construction

Slope Stabilisation in Bedworth

Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council have used Rootlok to protect a slope in Bedworth.

Take a look at the applications page for more information on using the Rootlok Vegetated Wall System or register to view CAD details.