The Rootlok System

The Rootlok Vegetated Wall System consists of two primary elements that combine to form a solid yet flexible structure, both of which are made in the UK. The engineered system is designed to provide a permanent soft solution for green walls and retaining structures, delivering long term erosion control whilst creating sustainable and environmentally enhancing schemes.

Rootlok Bag

The Rootlok Bag

We use a permeable needle punched nonwoven geotextile to make our bags. The material is heat bonded on all sides to help maintain the bags shape when filled. The fabric we use allows the bags to act as a filtration system, permitting moisture and plant roots free movement whilst retaining soil particles. The geotextile is UV stabilised, ensuring the bags do not rot.

Rootlok Plate

The Rootlok Plate

The Rootlok Plate is manufactured by injection moulding using talc filled polypropylene and uses wholly UK sourced recycled material. The result is a consistently high-quality product that has great resistance to naturally found alkali's and acids within the ground.

The Rootlok Plate must be used throughout the system. The plate joins the gap between the bags and locks each one in to position to form a solid structure.

Bag Fill Material

The material used to fill each bag is an engineered blend that creates a free draining system with sufficient nutrients to gain a sustainable green finish. It consists of a mixture of soils, compost and sands that are free from pollutants and are of a grade that will support the growth of vegetation.

When used in a water application, the bags are filled with clean fine gravels up to the required level.


The segmental design of the system allows every Rootlok structure to grow and support many types of vegetation. We recommend three methods to vegetate the structure: seeding the geotextile bags, hydro-seeding and inserting live plants. Please refer to the Vegetation Best Practices page for more details on vegetating the Rootlok system.


The Rootlok system can be used to build walls from as small as 0.42m up to 10m or higher. There are numerous construction methods dependant on the wall type and height, loadings and other specific site conditions. We have numerous guides available detailing the installation of the system, please contact us for more information.