Vegetation Best Practices

Rootlok combines vegetation with an engineered retaining wall system, offering numerous benefits to the local eco-system and delivering major biodiversity gains in both urban and rural applications.

To achieve this it is essential your wall is vegetated either during installation or on completion. This will ensure that the structure will provide a long-term solution whilst creating a sustainable green finish.

Your planting scheme should be considered carefully for a successful result that flourishes year after year. Using local species with a mixture of other seeds is highly recommended to gain a sustainable finish.

Establishing Vegetation with a Rootlok Wall

There are several methods recommended to achieve a vegetated system:

  • Inserting seeds in to the Rootlok bags when filling
  • Hydro-seeding the structure upon completion (a technique where the seed is prepared in a liquid form that is then applied to the structure. Used mainly on larger areas, this method is cost effective with a high performance, boosting plant germination and establishment)
  • Inserting live plants into the structure, either during installation or on completion

There are a wide variety of seed mixes for both pre-seeded bags and hydro-seeding available to suit your application including:

Low maintenance grass seed, embankments, wetlands & wet soil mix, wildflower mix, steep slope and high discharge waterways, river banks, shade and semi-shade areas, coastal areas mix, mixes can include plants, shrubs and small trees. Please ask for further details.

We can provide advice regarding the best vegetation scheme for your project, please get in touch to discuss this with one of our team.